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Forest Glade

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Forest Glade is one of Australia’s finest private gardens, and has existed for nearly one hundred years. It is located in Mount Macedon (816 Mt Macedon Rd) which is a short trip from Melbourne and is open to the public from September to May.

Forest Glade 07 Forest Glade 05
Forest Glade 09 Forest Glade 04

The large English section


The magnificent landscaped garden covers 14 acres (5.6 hectares) and has 4 distinct sections:

  • The large English section with its huge exotic trees and masses of colour.
  • The delightful Japanese section complete with bonsai house
  • The beautiful woodland section displaying masses of shade-loving plants
  • The cool fern gully
Japanese Garden 03

The Japanese Section


The features of the garden include a stunning blue bell patch, an impressive daffodil lawn during spring, a topiary garden, two aviaries, a magnificent laburnum arch, a peony walk highlighted with climbing roses as well as numerous pergolas, ponds, fountains and statues.

Forest Glade 20 Forest Glade 11 Forest Glade 19
DSC_5314 DSC_5326 Forest Glade 25


The statues add a great deal of aesthetic value to the garden and blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping.

Forest Glade 02 DSC_5379
DSC_5328 DSC_5332


Children are a pervasive theme of the sculptures throughout the garden and one has the feelings of walking through the world of Hans Christian Anderson or the Grimm brothers.

Forest Glade 01

Azaleas in bloom


Each spring, the garden comes to its peak. The bursting of new leaves everywhere is highlighted with many thousands of tulips, azaleas, rhododendrons and all manner of exotic and rare plants.

Forest Glade 03

Walk through Spring


At the height of summer, there are masses of glorious hydrangeas, a vast array of perennials, lush green lawns and the freshness of the fern gully.

Forest Glade 10

The lotus pond


In autumn, the garden is resplendent in the glorious tonings of a myriad of maples, birches, beeches and other exotic trees amid the tree ferns along Willimigongon Creek.


Autumn colours


The gardens are a popular place for weddings and we happened to see a wedding photo shoot on our visit.

Forest Glade 08


The entry is $8 for adults, the proceeds of which goes to its charitable foundation. Children are admitted free.

Forest Glade 23

A pergola


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